Wednesday, August 17, 2011

India is the Enemy of the United States.

The Country of India has joined with Russia to develop a fighter plane that can challenge the F-22. The prototype, the Sukhoi T-50 ,

This plane is planned for mass production by 2014. It is in joint development with Russia and India, with India supplying 35% of the cost of R&D.

We know Russia supplies armaments to Iran and Hamas. Both of these are sworn enemies of the United States, and the entire Western world for that matter. We also know since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the primary source of income for Russia is arms sales… to whomever has cash in hand.

Do the math… it’s only a matter of time before an American gets killed by technology developed by India. That is a simple fact.

Corporate America has handed India millions of US jobs. Even former VP Al Gore promised not to ebb the flow of Jobs out of the US while still in office. As we now see, 8 million jobs shorter than we were just a few years ago, a crushing deficit, an impotent Congress, and our “friend and ally” India – who got rich off us – is aiding our most hardened enemies.

It is clear India cares not and has zero allegiance to the United States or the wealth we’ve sent them. They’re traitors and parasites.. It’s time for us to bring home the jobs we’ve sent, tax those companies to fire fine Americans only to hire some towel head or dot spot at one tenth the price. We now see the calamity of those choices, and they need to be reversed.

Call your Senator and Congressmen, demand any aid to India be stopped immediately. It’s time we take this Country back from greed and return it to US!

As always, keep your minds open and wallets closed.