Friday, December 31, 2010

The Failure of Conservatism

Ya, ya... two in one day. I'm home, there's a nasty ass blizzard outside and I'm bored..... So now you get to put up with two pearls of wisdom in a single day... Lucky you!


I was in High School in the late seventies. Believe me, there was virtually nothing “Conservative” about the 70’s. Society has undoubtedly swung wildly to the right over the past 30 years. For those of you who doubt that fact, let’s consider some of the everyday experiences during my youth:

 Nobody wore a bicycle helmet, hell, we didn’t even owned a helmet.
 My High School had a Smokers Pit. A big area outside where both teachers AND students would go smoke between classes. The “dirt bags” as we called them, toked out there….. that’s smoked pot if you didn’t understand that.
 Nobody got arrested for drinking and driving. The cops would take your booze and send you home… even if you were under age.
 Everyone took guns to schools… we all went hunting after class.
 PG Movies showed frontal nudity. Doubt me? Rent the movie Hooper (1978-Burt Reynolds). There’s a birthday scene where a gal jumps out of a birthday cake - big titties flopping around.. it’s PG movie..
 Kids NEVER talked back to adults, and when they, they got hit… even if they were not your kids.

 Charlie Daniels still called the Devil a “son of a bitch”,
 There was still “Bullshit” in Pink Floyd’s money.
 Pete Townshend still asked “who the fuck are you?”.

As horrible and foreign as that may seem:
 We could play outside and never worry
 Houses, cars and bikes, never got locked.
 We said hello and good day to all the neighbors
 Everyone had a retirement
 Virtually nobody paid for healthcare, it was ALL covered by insurance.

Now that we’ve made everything unacceptable, including disciplining our own children, it begs the question… Are we better off? Is society better? I'm not feeling the love.....

As more and more “words” have become unacceptable, as our neighborhood shrinks because we fear strangers. It’s pretty clear that this mass swing towards conservatism has done little but make everyone uncomfortable with everything. When you tell people it’s ok to feel bad because someone says a “bad word”, you’ve just opened up Victim Mentality. Every body now deserves to be happy without having to work for it. Why, because it’s someone else’s fault.

The more you make an issue of anything, the more it becomes a social problem. There is no drinking minimum age in Europe, nor is there a problem with alcoholism. Is there a relationship between the two... you bet your bippy...

It’s the same with words…. Ignorance ‘hides” words, keeps them from the public eye. It’s just another form of censorship. Only by listening, understanding and learning do we remove the power of harm from words.

Lenny Bruce had a good point. Here’s Dustin Hoffman doing a Lenny Bruce routine from the 1974 Movie “Lenny”

Incase the video below does not work, here's a link.
It's great... it's also from a man who said this in the '60's. In so many ways we have socially devolved.

It seems to me that “conservatism” has given us little more than provide
 mental justification to move jobs overseas by the millions.
 social acceptable for 2% to own 90%. Never in the history of this country has such a huge pile of wealth shifted from middle class to the rich than in the past 2 decades.

We have unquestionably swung wildly to the right with insidious consequences. It’s good for the rich, the uptight and those without coping skills – but leaves a devastated society in it’s wake.

Keeps your minds open, and your wallets closed.


This is interesting…. My little rant about Obama being a single termer – Except if Palin is on the Elephant ticket - must have been picked up by someone.

Democrats have started a grass roots campaign to get Palin on the Republican ticket. Evidently even Dem’s recognizes their fearless leader has failed both American and his chances for re-election.

Here’s my problem with this action.. Say they actually get Palin on the ticket, she of course would agree due to her ever expanding ego and narcissism. But the bottom line is this action isn’t being done because it’s best for the Country, its being done to protect a loser. Obama no more deserves to be President any more than Palin.

Obama hasn’t delivered and needs to go. That’s the natural evolution. He doesn’t have a brother in a swing state who’s banging the chair of the republican party to stop a re-count, so he’s just screwed in the none fun way.

This whole “Bush” debacle should demonstrate to America what happens when political greed and corruption run amuck, go against the will of the people and put the wrong person in office. We can’t afford a repeat.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Obama... another Single Term President

Barack Obama just gave his second term to the Republicans. He was swept into the White House touting 3 conditions:
1. “I’m going to close ‘Gitmo’
2. I’m going to reverse the Bush tax cuts for millionaires
3. I’m going to get us out of Afghanistan.

Those were his main promises.. that was it and he won.
Here we are, ½ way through his first term….my how 2 years can change someone…
1. We’ve not heard BOO about Guantanamo Bay – it’s still operational.
2. He just cut a deal with the Republicans on taxes which includes all the breaks for Millionaires
3. He TRIPPLED the forces in Afghanistan.

Well Barack, you just crapped on your base. There’s nobody left to support you next time. If the Economy turns North, the Republicans will get all the credit since they talked you into the tax cut.
No mister Obama, you’re done. If backpedaling on all your campaign promises isn’t enough for your base to run for cover, tossing Health Care to Nancy Pelosi did. Moderates elected you, now there ZERO chance of them voting for you again.


There’s one chance you have to get elected for a second term. The only way that will happen is if the Republicans are stupid enough to put Sarah Palin on the ticket. That’s it. Either isn't a win for America.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

It’s NOT about the Freedom --- It’s about LIFE!

Today I received a flyer in the mail urging South Dakotans to Vote NO on Referred Law 12, an expanded smoking ban. The argument is that Smoking is Freedom. The flyer made the ridiculous accusation that voting against smoking is voting for a State Income tax. Trying to claim some relationship between smoking bans and state income tax – ridiculous. - total FUD…(Fear Uncertainty Doubt)… fear mongering. That’s what it’s reduced too.

It is undisputed fact that smoking kills people through both direct and indirect exposure. Period. End of argument.
If you disbelieve this fact, you lack the mental facility to comprehend the world around you and my essay is not indented for you.

Let me address the first point.. “It’s about FREEDOM”…
Are you “FREE” to drive 100 miles per hour through a down town street?
Are paint companies “FREE” to use lead in their products?
Are builders “FREE” to cover ductwork with asbestos?
Are beauty supply companies “FREE” to use mercury in their products?
Are building codes “FREE” from the burden of requiring expensive fire escapes on high rises?

Those are rhetorical questions to which the obvious answer is no. You are NOT free to conduct any behavior harmful to others. That’s freedom – freedom from oppression. Others are NOT free to oppress non-smokers with their toxic habits.

Now, the second point – Smoking bans lead to income tax. Come on now, what happened to common sense? There is zero relationship between the two. There is a proven relationship however between cigarette smoke and cancer!

Laws are to protect citizens. Cigarette smoke harms and kills. It’s time for laws to reflect this reality and protect citizens.

Monday, May 31, 2010

People I'm glad their 15 minutes are up (and some who should be)

I was watching TV the other day and heard an advertisement for the New "Kate Plus 8"... I found myself really tired of hearing about that disaster and wanting her to go away. Then my mind wandered to those true has-beens, and my great fullness for their Exodus from the spotlight.

Number 1: Sandra Bernhard
Despite her playboy pictorial, I never found anything attractive about this obnoxious, mean, ugly lesbian. Not that I have any thing against lesbians, but Sandra brought crude to a new level.

Maybe people just bought the issue out of morbid curiosity to verify her possession of a vagina. Hell, I don't know.
Really though, hanging with "buds" like Rosanne Bar, can you really expect anything from bottom dwellers like her.

Number 2: Kate Gosslin
This is one of those "wish it was over" members.

What can you say... She's a complete bitch nut job publicity hound. If a good parent is someone who can hire others to care for their litters, she's a goddess. I really think America just liked watching her hen peck the weasel she married, but then, they married each other. Millions watched in fascination as that wrong relationship imploded.
Now sadly, TLC renews it's contract with Kate, demonstrating to masses the ideals of child neglect and the art of self mutilation in pursuit of vanity and fame. Shame on you TLC.

Number 3: Nadya Suleman
Other wise known as the OctoMom.. or Octo-Whack as I prefer. Humans are just not meant to spawn litters. I'm not sure which I dislike more, the Octowhack, or the lunatic Doctor who created this abomination. Medical People, take note... Just because you can, does not mean you should. A car can drive 90 miles and hour... you should not do so on a crowded street.

In a country where so many loving, employed childless couples are wanting children with all their hearts... Some Dr. Frankenstein has to give a litter to a mentally unstable welfare mom. This is just fucked on soo many fronts...

OK, I've got to get some work done. I've ranted enough for this day.. Keep your minds open and your wallets closed.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

What the hell happened to Sandra Bullock?

The May 31st "US Weekly" came out with Sandra Bullock on the cover... I have to say, what the hell happend to Sandra Bullock?!?!

In just a few short years she's gone from "America's Sweetheart", to Michael Jackson freak show wanna-bee.

For Christ Sake.... she went from:

To A ghastly:

What's attractive about that ghost paisty white skin and awful face. I had a huge crush on this woman after "Love Potion Number 9" - it's funny as hell, and Sandra was just pain cute.

Now she just a frightning epitaph to what's wrong with Hollywood like Whacko-Jacko. Hollywood people, please stop this surgical insanity. It makes you look like aliens:

Back to Sandra.. I really can't have any sympathy for her in the recent demize of her marriage. Nor can I blame her husband. The chick marries a biker bad ass and expects a Leave it to Beaver life style. Women, take note, people are who they are. I realize the badass image is an aphrodisiac and every chick want's the alpha dog. Remember however, the alpha dog, wants every chick. In the end, we all have to be true to ourselves. And in the real world, the alpha buck fucks the heard, that's just the way it works. Be it Jessie or Tiger, bimbo's in countless droves stand in line, crotch out, for the alpha buck. nuf said.