Tuesday, May 13, 2014

FoxNews is Killing America

There’s an old saying, United We Stand, Divided we fall.
Foxnews is the ultimate divisor.  Every single front page top line story is dedicated to smearing Democrats.  Now, weather the story is true or exaggerated the purpose is whipping up the loyalist base in frenzy for some half brained attempt to sway public opinion against Democrats.  Perusing the commentary is like listening to a kindergarteners arguments closing debates with the bastardized term ‘LIBS!’. No real substance, just expletives.  Now I’ve read somewhere that using FoxNews as your only source of information makes you stupid…though I would argue the stupidity is within those who seek FoxNews as their sole information regime.
Since the purpose of FoxNews is to divide, and divided we fall, the simple purpose of Foxnews is the downfall of America.  Spread distrust, don’t work together, spread FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt), create enemies within the American people and win political offices at any cost.
No wonder the US has slipped to 33 for infant mortality, 26 in education, 46th in freedom of the press.

Congratulations fox, well done..