Monday, December 21, 2015

Star wars Vii – A new let down.

This weekend I saw the JJ Abrahams tory line of the new Star Wars reboot.
I have to say, it was better than the silly storyline Lucas took it.  As someone who saw the original 1977 move named “Star Wars” in theaters, opening weekend, I call that movie “Star Wars”, not “a new hope”, just Star Wars.
But my disappointment in the new film as that it is exact same movie I saw when I was 14.  Really.  Same plot with the characters shuffled a bit.  Even the new Death World – the rebooted version of the Death Star – has X-Wing fighters going through all sorts of maneuvers to shot a vulnerable spot on a planet sized weapon.  I literally found myself looking around at the audience saying to myself – “I’ve seen this”…
I guess if you’ve never seen the original movie, it’s good.  If you have seen the original and want to avoid a haggard Princess Leia, catch it in a few years on Netflix.  Carrie Fisher is 59, Harrison is 73 – He looks younger than her…All those years of drug use and semi-sanity have taken their toll Carrie. It’s kind of sad. 

Anyway, nowhere the hype the internet is exploding about.  I walked away feeling let down.   As usual, keep your minds open and your wallets closed.