Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Poor Poor Pitiful them… and other Govies

I want to say a few words about the current events in Wisconsin. There’s a whole lotta whoopla about a few Govies and teachers loosing a few benefits and having to pay a few percent more toward their retirement.

Here’s the facts…
 I am a white color manager with a college degree.
 6 of the last 12 years of working I received ZERO raise.
 Every single year, my health care premiums have increased 10%-20%... While deductibles increase, and covered procedures decrease.
 I have no pension.
 Only 6 of the last 12 years of work have I received any retirement contribution from my employer.
 As a technology worker, millions of my peers have been fired and those jobs have been sent to China, India or the Philippians.

I chose not to be a Govie…. As a private sector worker, I pay for Govies. My taxes pay your salaries, your retirement, your medicine.

Now I see people who will receive life long annuities - paid for by ME – throwing an absolute tantrum because they have to pay a few more percent toward that forever gravy train.

Where is the outrage from my shrinking buying power?
Where is the outrage as pensions were eviscerated from private companies?
Where do I get to protest to get stop my life from eroding?

No where. I can work, or I can quit and my children will go hungry. Nice choices.

There are many more of me than there are of you.

Government works, Teachers, Public workers… Hear Me… I am tired of you. It’s time to equal field, and I’ve already lost everything I have to lose - but my job. It’s your turn to pay, I’m broke and you’re part of the reason.

stop crying go back to work and pay your fair share.
nuff said.