Sunday, May 23, 2010

What the hell happened to Sandra Bullock?

The May 31st "US Weekly" came out with Sandra Bullock on the cover... I have to say, what the hell happend to Sandra Bullock?!?!

In just a few short years she's gone from "America's Sweetheart", to Michael Jackson freak show wanna-bee.

For Christ Sake.... she went from:

To A ghastly:

What's attractive about that ghost paisty white skin and awful face. I had a huge crush on this woman after "Love Potion Number 9" - it's funny as hell, and Sandra was just pain cute.

Now she just a frightning epitaph to what's wrong with Hollywood like Whacko-Jacko. Hollywood people, please stop this surgical insanity. It makes you look like aliens:

Back to Sandra.. I really can't have any sympathy for her in the recent demize of her marriage. Nor can I blame her husband. The chick marries a biker bad ass and expects a Leave it to Beaver life style. Women, take note, people are who they are. I realize the badass image is an aphrodisiac and every chick want's the alpha dog. Remember however, the alpha dog, wants every chick. In the end, we all have to be true to ourselves. And in the real world, the alpha buck fucks the heard, that's just the way it works. Be it Jessie or Tiger, bimbo's in countless droves stand in line, crotch out, for the alpha buck. nuf said.

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