Thursday, February 6, 2014

Tim Armstrong – AOL’s mega rich corporate greedmeister.

AOL decided to stop matching 401K contributions.

Why?  Tim claimed 2 women had babies that cost $1million each.  He said the cost of Obama care is $7.1 million and he needs to pass the pain onto the company.

It needs to be noted that Tim's 'compensation' went from $3.2M in 2011 to $12.07M in 2012.

That’s right.  His raise $9million dollar raise exceed the so called Obamacare increase by $2million dollars.  Anybody wanna try and blame the babies now?  Or should I ask, who's the baby?

This douche bag is just another example of corporate greed run amok. The rich 1% continue to pull right from the mouths of workers.  Nothing more, nothing less.
Keep your minds open and your wallets closed

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