Sunday, October 18, 2009

Common Sense for the People

First I want to start by saying that I believe we as a country need migrant workers. So long as we lack the citizens willing to perform certain tasks, those jobs should be filled by legal, tracked, authorized migrant workers. It’s a beneficial symbiosis.

Second I believe we as a society need legal immigration. The population growth rate of National Americans has become negative – meaning more die then we reproduce – the Nation as a whole needs to fill that void. We need an upcoming generation for our future. Additionally, the heritage of this great Nation is one of rich diversity. The United States is both a melting pot and safe haven to those oppressed by tyrannical regimes. “Safe haven” must be differentiated from this Nation being used as a “catch kettle” of other counties refuse, violent criminals, or the dangerously mentally ill.

Now let me make the distinction between legal migrant worker, legal immigrant and Illegal Alien. An Illegal Alien is just that. An individual who breaks our laws to invade this Country and is not of this land. We must label things as they are. Illegal aliens are not “undocumented workers”, as drug dealers are not “Unlicensed Pharmacists”.

We are a Nation of Law. Law binds together and defines civil society and defines consequences for those who reject us, our laws and way of life. The founding fathers saw fit to establish a mechanism of dynamic change of that law.. We have the ability, right and duty to exercise and change our laws to fit our times – as we have always done. We, the Citizens of this great Nation support in vast majorities legal immigration and oppose illegal aleins.

In a post 9/11 reality, we can ill afford unmonitored traffic across any border. The liability and consequences are simply too great.

We already experience the catastrophic consequences of high Illegal immigrant concentrations in towns and States. Eviscerated budgets, social services stretched to the breaking point, and crime escalates as if unchecked. Indeed, one merely has to look at the debacle of the Mexican State, rampant corruption, open human and drug trafficking, murder in the streets to realize illegal Mexicans have no concept laws, justice or the American way. Asylum cities in the US boast little more than financial ruin as illegals demand service and return little. The path through legal migration ensures loyalty to this Country.

Our Political parties need hear our voices. Republican’s in their quest for cheap labor, crush American families and support illegal havens for employment. Democrats see Illegals as future party members and turn a blind eye. We the People, Citizens, demand representation.
We demand:
* Worker Authorization policies and laws
* Completion of the border wall.
* The enforcement of all laws already on the books designed to protect us and our legacy.

We must vote for those “Representatives who support Us.. The people”, not blind party pawns.

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