Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sick of the Status Quo....

Six years, 4 thousand American dead, $700 billion dollars spent and the prospect is still not good. A special prosecutor is being assigned to evaluate “CIA atrocities”, Afghanistan Generals are saying thousands more Americans are needed; and still over 100 were killed last week in Iraq…

An interview with an Iraq special operative say in 5 years, without American influence, Iraq will become a satellite of Iran. The President of Iraq already flies in Iranian jet with Iranian crew.

When will this madness end? You can’t change thousands of years of tribal values and behavior without a complete change of the socioeconomic structure. It’s the wrong part of the world with no natural resources – short of oil - to develop any infrastructure.

A special prosecutor on CIA atrocities, a stalemate over healthcare, is the current administration spread to thin to actually get something done?

A friend of mine is 24 year old Marine. His time has been extended by a year, and shortly he’s leaving for his 4th tour, this time in Afghanistan. The military is tired and spread thin. They feel it’s time for the suits to get something done rather than send someone else to do their dirty work.

All I know is I’m tired. I want the promise of a Government Of the People, by the People and FOR the people. I haven’t send one in one since before 80’s. We need to take this country back – The right or left isn’t doing it.

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Nancy said...

Our Founding Fathers fought back when the British government unfairly took their stuff. We have something that they didn't have-the ballot box. We can take our country back without the use of guns. We can no longer sit back and wait on "the other guy" to do it. GET INVOLVED.