Friday, December 31, 2010


This is interesting…. My little rant about Obama being a single termer – Except if Palin is on the Elephant ticket - must have been picked up by someone.

Democrats have started a grass roots campaign to get Palin on the Republican ticket. Evidently even Dem’s recognizes their fearless leader has failed both American and his chances for re-election.

Here’s my problem with this action.. Say they actually get Palin on the ticket, she of course would agree due to her ever expanding ego and narcissism. But the bottom line is this action isn’t being done because it’s best for the Country, its being done to protect a loser. Obama no more deserves to be President any more than Palin.

Obama hasn’t delivered and needs to go. That’s the natural evolution. He doesn’t have a brother in a swing state who’s banging the chair of the republican party to stop a re-count, so he’s just screwed in the none fun way.

This whole “Bush” debacle should demonstrate to America what happens when political greed and corruption run amuck, go against the will of the people and put the wrong person in office. We can’t afford a repeat.

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