Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Obama... another Single Term President

Barack Obama just gave his second term to the Republicans. He was swept into the White House touting 3 conditions:
1. “I’m going to close ‘Gitmo’
2. I’m going to reverse the Bush tax cuts for millionaires
3. I’m going to get us out of Afghanistan.

Those were his main promises.. that was it and he won.
Here we are, ½ way through his first term….my how 2 years can change someone…
1. We’ve not heard BOO about Guantanamo Bay – it’s still operational.
2. He just cut a deal with the Republicans on taxes which includes all the breaks for Millionaires
3. He TRIPPLED the forces in Afghanistan.

Well Barack, you just crapped on your base. There’s nobody left to support you next time. If the Economy turns North, the Republicans will get all the credit since they talked you into the tax cut.
No mister Obama, you’re done. If backpedaling on all your campaign promises isn’t enough for your base to run for cover, tossing Health Care to Nancy Pelosi did. Moderates elected you, now there ZERO chance of them voting for you again.


There’s one chance you have to get elected for a second term. The only way that will happen is if the Republicans are stupid enough to put Sarah Palin on the ticket. That’s it. Either isn't a win for America.

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