Thursday, April 7, 2011

The iPad is Overpriced Hype

It may be the latest buzz that’s making Apple stock holders rich, but the reality of the situation if the iPad is no more than an overpriced hardly useful trinket with zero place in Corporate America.

From now on, I'm calling it the iToad:

As far as a “desktop killer”, get your head out of “the cloud” and get real. The biggest problem with the iPad is that everything is crippled to support longer batter life. Apple has gone through huge pains to disable any possible use of external – non apple – storage. USB thumb drives, forget them. That’s painful enough, but here’s the real killer: The OS times out all backgroup apps but streaming video after 10 minutes.

We experimented with an iPad to see if it will connect to the office remotely using a remote desktop and a software tunnel. We’ll it connected and ran just fine…for 10 minutes. At the 10 minute mark, the software tunnel application timed out, died and killed the link.

If that’s not enough, there is NO trial period for the apps store apps. When you use an Android device, at least you have a grace period to try the application before you’re actually charged for it. No such luck in the Apple world. Your newly purchased app is a toad falling well short of expectations, too bad so sad - you’re stuck with crap. Here’s the reality… For ½ price of an iPad, you can easily purchase a nice Netbook that does everything the pad does, and much, much more.

Time to stop the i-hype and have a reality check. Keep your minds open and your wallets closed.

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