Friday, January 24, 2014

More FOX Lies - FUD!

FoxNoNews continues it's bottom dwelling truth bending with another inaccurate story.
See the picture -  This was taken from the FRONT page of their propaganda website.
Notice the last few words 'going against the hospital'.

This is COMPLETELY FALSE.  The doctors completely agree the fetus is NOT VIABLE. However, due to knuckle dragging, back woods, ignorant, bible thumping legal process in Texas, removing life support to a brain dead pregnant woman is illegal.  That's right, Texas, the State that refuses abortions, then refuses to support unwanted children with any social programs removes choice from adults.

Kudos bone heads, kudos.

Maybe blatantly ignorant behavior like this may shine some light up the backwater rectum of the US - Texas.

Till then, keep your minds open, and your wallets closed.

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