Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Net Neutrality- The GOP legacy

A Federal Judge today overturned the FCC’s Net Neutrality rule. Looking over the FoxNew posts, comments are just exploding - calling everyone Liberals, screaming about excessive Government, and generally blaming Obama for, well, everything.

Let’s talk a minute to think about this.  First all, Net Neutrality is a Government rule dictating how companies can use their infrastructure.  It decrees that they have no control over data that happens to flow over their networks.  It's just flowing data and the company must remain 'neutral'.

Let’s say Google buys and ISP.  With net neutrality stripped away, Google is free to block traffic to or from Microsoft Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine that doesn’t provide revenue for the company or is in the company’s best interest or profitability.  Google is now free to decide how to use the infrastructure it has purchased to best benefit Google shareholders.  If that includes blocking cheaper prices from a competitive search engine, so be it – all the better for google.

Clearly, removing Net Neutrality is a pro-business, anti-government ruling.  It’s also the death of the free internet and the beginning of huge price spikes, it is the ultimate representation of corporate and market freedoms.  So GOP’ers.  Know what you’re actually advocating when you say It’s the fault of those ‘Libs’, when in reality is the Corporations that own you – and you handed yourselves to them.

Keep your minds open and your wallets closed.

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