Friday, August 7, 2009

Blackberry Storm --- PAINFUL to use

After years using various Palm Smartphones, last weekend I took the jump and switch to a Blackberry Storm.

I have to say, from an eye candy perspective, it's a beautiful phone. Beautiful graphics, lots of features, nice browser.. it smacks down the Treo.

After 2 days using the touchscreen, I've had it, it blows. Even though from a beauty standpoint the Storm deserves a 10, from a functional perspective I give it a 4. The reason, that silly touch screen! It just sucks! I deeply miss the tactile feel of buttons under my fingers. Typing using the touchscreen qwerty pad is painful at best. You have no idea where your fingers are! I select the wrong key 60% of the time unless I go at a snails pace. My dude sized fingers almost never hit the sweet spot, without careful watch, you just don't know where your finger are!

Just as a note, the processor on the Storm seems a bit underpowered. It's slow switching from application to application. Boot up takes over 4 minutes.

I really wanted the Palm Pre, well, lucky me, a Verizon hostage, I can't get it... rumor has it the Pre will be available in January of '10, but we'll see.

Anyway, I'm going to switch phones and we'll see how something else with real qwerty buttons work.

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