Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The New Phone!

After struggling with a Blackberry Storm for about a week, I gave up. Verizon allows 15 days of"play period" to decide if you really like a I took them up on a swap out. I traded the blackberry storm for a Blackberry Tour. The tour has the same OS as the Storm. It's just controlled via that track ball instead of touching the screen. Having buttons returns functionality to my phone. I can actually type/text at more that 2 words a minute. The screen is nice to look at, the graphics are better than my old Palm Treo.

On the positive side, the Tour battery lasts much longer, the Storm's big screen must suck a ton battery juice. The Tour also seems to run faster. The Storm had many "moments" while the processor was doing things, who know what, and seemed to stall while you would have to wait for it to catch up with your movements.

I have to say, that what I really liked about the Treo was that it combined both touch screen with keyboard... That was really handy. The Tour will work... for now..

I thought I wanted a new Palm Pre...BUT... as it turns out, the Palm Pre "phones home" to Palm daily and reports
1) your location - using GPS.
2) The apps you have installed
3) Usage of the apps you have installed...

Palm has decided to record all that private info about you without your knowledge or consent! Nice... Here's the break down of a hacker who took the thing apart:

Till Palm turns off the - track me feature - I'm going to opt out...

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